Born in 1985 in Madrid (Spain). I graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Cuenca), specializing in the fields of Plastic Arts and Graphic Design.

I enjoy working in different styles and disciplines, both plastic and digital: painting, video, illustration, collage, modeling,... Although not all the works are focused on a common theme, in most of them is the idea of representing different aspects of my perceived reality. My style is very diverse by the wide spectrum of my interests and inspirations, as well as allowing me great flexibility in meeting the demands of graphic design clients.

On the formal aspect, when I start working I try not to plan the final result, but to develop the work bearing in mind the idea that motivates it. I like to experiment and try different expressive possibilities offered by the materials I work with.

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 I began my artistic training at the School of Art II in Madrid; Later I moved to the city of Cuenca to study the Fine Arts career and later a master's degree in art education, both at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, completing my training at the National Art Academy of Riga, Latvia. Since then I have lived in several cities and worked for different projects: some of the most significant have been the Museum of Silesia (Katowice, Poland, 2012/13), the Center for Contemporary Art "Razlichniat Pogled" (Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; 2014/15) and the Youth Council of Spain (2016).

In the last years I have participated with multidisciplinary works in international art festivals and collective exhibitions in different cities of Europe. In addition, I have developed creative projects in art residencies in Germany, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Slovenia.

Other works carried out include the development of audiovisual pieces, works of graphic design and multimedia, contributions to several fanzines and other works of illustration, layout and image editing for different independent projects.

Comencé mi formación artística en la Escuela de Arte II de Madrid; más tarde me moví a Cuenca para estudiar la carrera de Bellas Artes y posteriormente un Máster de profesor de enseñanzas artísticas, ambos en la UC-LM, completando mi formación en la Academia Nacional de Arte de Riga, Letonia. Desde entonces he vivido en varias ciudades y trabajado para distintos proyectos: algunos de los más significativos han sido el Museo de Silesia (Katowice, Polonia; 2012/13), el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo "Razlichniat Pogled" (Stara Zagora, Bulgaria; 2014/15) y el Consejo de la Juventud de España (2016).

En los últimos años he participado además con trabajos multidisciplinares en festivales internacionales de arte y exposiciones colectivas en distintas ciudades de Europa. Por otro lado he desarrollado proyectos creativos en residencias artísticas de Alemania, Bulgaria, Lituania y Eslovenia.

Otros trabajos realizados incluyen la elaboración de piezas audiovisuales, trabajos de diseño gráfico y multimedia, contribuciones en varias publicaciones y otros trabajos de ilustración y cartelismo para distintos proyectos independientes.