Project: "Excerpts"

The project "Excerpts" (2010) was based on the accumulation of objects of the same genre and its recomposition, not in order to imitate existing human or natural structures, but to make own pieces from elements of an everyday environment, stripping from them its original function and providing them with a new meaning, emotion or aesthetic values that previously didn't have, devalued by the regular use.

"Just book spines" (65x72cm. each)

"Board II: coins" (60x150 cm.)

"Board I: sunflower seed shells" (60x150 cm.)

"Insignia" (75x55x40 cm.)

        "Rice" (23x30x25 cm.)

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"Tickets: space and time" (43x30 cm.)

"Black frames" (60x50 cm.)

"Poland" - Collage (42x30 cm.)

"Cigars tree" (87x58x55 cm.)