Redefining spaces

In this series of interventions I wanted to highlight some specific points of the environment that doesn't draw a particular attention despite its visual interest, and that to me is somehow representative of a place. Using the walls (generally deteriorated) as frameworks, I have painted on them to redefine its volumes, merging the real references to its pictorical representations.

We use to appreciate the reality through representations -for example when a master interprets the light or paints vividly the qualities of some material- but rarely we pay that much attention to those nuances in our environments, although they contain an infinity of other aspects impossible to imitate in a two-dimensional representation. A drawing of some wall in a piece of paper can be easily appreciated if the lines are accurate to the referent in the reallity, but when the lines are directly traced over the referent, this representation looks extremely simple, and in contrast to it becomes evident the heterogeneity of the surrounding spaces.

Also the process is very important to me: the treatment of the walls -carefully cleaned, covered in white with different layers and redefined with lines selecting the main contours- is a personal attempt to devote attention to different qualities of the elements of a particular space: its composition, shapes, volumes, textures, materials, colors and tones, lights and shadows. What is at first an exercise of observation, with the slow process of working becames a particular understanding of the space I am working on. In this way each intervention becames a trace of a moment of attention and an act of appropriation of a small fragment of my environment. Is a way to draw people's attention to the spaces we inhabit, but also I take as a personal answer to the discreet action of the nature, which seem to claim the spaces created by man, shaping, decomposing an coloring them through its elements (the rain, the heat, humidity, etc.) in its process of deterioration. My interventions are a replay to the action of the nature, trying to reafirm a possition of human awareness, that will be again answered by the action of the elements over my work, in some kind of hidden dialogue.

These interventions have been carried out in different places in Europe since 2012.

Made in Cuenca (Spain)

Made in Katowice (Poland)

Made in Katowice (Poland)

Made in Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Made in Zeimiai (Lithuania)

Made in Berlin (Germany) Work in progress (video)

Made in Gorna Lipnitsa (Bulgaria)

Made in Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

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